Battles Of Hope – My Ongoing Journey

Battles of Hope: My Ongoing Journey

By Owais Dagra

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Battles of Hope will inspire people of all backgrounds and cultures to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities to better themselves and society.

“From the predestined abyss rise the humbly defiant warriors of hope.”
– Owais Dagra

A Word from Owais’s Co-Author, Richard Buskin

“During the past 30 years, I have written more than 30 non-fiction books, co-authoring a fair number of them with actors, musicians, politicians, entrepreneurs, and adventurers. However, I have never worked with anyone quite like Owais Dagra.

When Owais Dagra first told me his Pakistani-American life story, I was blown away by not only all of its fantastically entertaining, amusing, informative, gripping, and just plain thought-provoking episodes (as you might well suspect after having read the Introduction); but also the ingenuity, passion, commitment, and clarity of thought that, as with his business ventures, he was bringing to this project.

Without a doubt, our Mr. Dagra does have one hell of a great tale to tell; full of colorful characters, dramatic encounters, personal challenges, eye-opening insights, and outrageous successes.

Yet, from the very start, he made it clear to me that, not interested in producing a vanity-based, profile-boosting autobio, he instead wanted to leverage the lessons his life has imparted in both the East and West to write an inspirational memoir; one that reaches beyond the business community to help people of all ages, interests, abilities, ethnicities, economic classes, social backgrounds, and beliefs attain their own definitions of professional success and personal contentment.

This in itself is a worthy concept, but what I didn’t expect were my co-author’s ideas for how he intended to connect with his audience. Among these are what he calls his driving principles for personal and professional success.

Following a relevant, inspirational quote by a famous figure, each chapter opens with a driving principle and my explanation of how it relates to the upcoming part of the story. Then, after Owais eventually finishes telling that story, the chapter concludes with my summary of how the driving principle applies to what you’ve just read; the lessons learned by Owais as a result of what has taken place; and how you can apply those lessons in your own life.

The book also has an underlying road map comprising seven phases that represent the natural progression of Owais’s story, from his poverty-stricken Pakistani childhood, through his pursuit and realization of the American Dream, to his efforts and achievements as an international entrepreneur and philanthropist.

For me, working on this book has been an incredible experience with an extraordinary human being. We’ve both spoken a lot, listened a lot, laughed a lot, and learned a lot. So, now that’s behind us, let’s get on with the story…”
– Richard Buskin

Author – Richard Buskin

New York Times bestselling author, Richard Buskin is also a full-time freelance journalist, specializing in pop culture, music, film, television, and sociopolitical affairs.

Since the early-Eighties, he has conducted interviews and written regular feature articles for a wide variety of publications in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia, dealing with all aspects of the entertainment business: the artistic, the technical and the entrepreneurial.

A native of London, England, who relocated to America in 1995, Richard has had his work published in newspapers ranging from the New York Post and the Sydney Morning Herald to Britain’s Observer, Independent and Daily Mail, as well as magazines such as Playboy (US, Brazilian, Czech, French, Japanese and Polish editions), Stern (Germany) and Paris Match (France).

He has also written for numerous music publications around the world, including Billboard, Spin, Musician, Mix, Musik Express, Melody Maker, Sound On Sound and Performance (for which he was a senior editor and UK bureau chief), and movie journals such as Film Review and Films & Filming, in addition to authoring/co-authoring more than 20 non-fiction books.

A co-author and consulting editor on the Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music (2003) and the Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock (Flame Tree, 2006), Richard is presently involved in the planning and writing of several new books.

Literary Agent – Frank Weiman

Frank has worked with celebrities, athletes, and novelists, as well as Pulitzer, Caldecott, and Nobel Prize winners, and his client list has included Joe Bonanno, Larry Bird, Terry Bradshaw, Bill Russell, Britney Spears, Gregg Allman, Sammy Hagar, Maria Menounos, Rodney Dangerfield and Nancy Grace.

In addition to book sales, he has optioned and licensed numerous titles for film and merchandise. Among the books made into feature films are October Sky, Flags of Our Fathers, and the upcoming Scorsese-directed I Heard You Paint Houses.